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Join the Wave of Hope


Together to Tackle the Covid,
Injustice, Climate Change and Nature Emergencies

In 2020, we came together to fight Covid and its aftershocks. We showed up, for key workers, for each other and our children, when it counted most. Now, in 2021, let’s come together to overcome the challenges we face, to achieve the Global Goals – agreed to by every leader – and to celebrate the resilience and kindness of our communities.

This year, world leaders will gather in the UK to discuss some of the world’s biggest challenges – Covid, injustice, climate change and nature crisis. We’re asking the UK government to play a leading role to help crack the crises to build a fairer and greener world for all.




In 2021, the UK will host two critical summits, the G7 in June and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November.

With the world facing challenges such as Covid, injustice, climate change and nature crisis, UK decision-makers have an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership at home and abroad.

That is why organisations from across the UK, advocating for a better future for people and planet, have come together in this new coalition. We want to bring people together to tackle these crises by taking individual actions, by supporting others and by asking decision-makers to act.

Join us in 2021 to help crack the crises because together we can tackle the Covid, injustice, climate change and nature crisis.



Join The Wave of Hope

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